Thursday, September 2, 2010

mn or bust.

Sorry for keeping you all guessing.....but YES we ARE moving....and MINNESOTA is the state!!

We don't know where yet, we will find that out in about a week and a half. So here's the scoop...

Nathan will be changing careers so-to-speak and going from being an operator for the lineman to being one of the lineman! He got called to join the lineman apprenticeship program (he was interviewed for it etc about 2-1/2 yrs ago) in MN. Which means that for the next 3-1/2 to 4 years he will be working only in the state of MN, doing work for different contractors so he can get all his required hours in.

What this ALSO means is that we are going to BUILD OUR HOUSE!!!! YAY!!! Even if we move around in the warmer months in our camper if Nathan's on work that is not within driving distance, at least we will have a warm house in the winter and a central locale for everything.

We are WAY excited!

There are MANY many many unknowns...for example, we don't know where, for how long, for who Nathan will be working for...whether or not we will be able to travel with him (which we will make top priority)...heck, we don't even know if Nathan will LIKE the apprenticeship....but I guess it's better to find out that he doesn't than to wonder for the rest of his life 'what if?'

We plan to leave on Sunday, making the trip back to MN. We will be there a few days and then travel to IA for training for a week....yes, me and the kids will get to stay in a hotel for 7 straight days...yippee :)...and then we will travel back to MN to where ever his job is located by (hopefully central MN!) and hope to find a trailer court or somewhere to park our RV until it's too cold to live in it (or until our house is done...whichever comes first! :)

Which, speaking of weather, did you know that today it's 95 degrees out here and in the 10 day forecast in MN TWICE it said a HIGH of 64?!?!?! Are you kidding me?! That's 30 degrees difference! Looks like we will say 'goodbye summer, hello winter' and skip fall all together!

So with that said, we will be busy packing and getting the camper ready (but NOTHING compared to getting the whole HOUSE ready! Nice!) so I will try to update soon (as I do still have lots to blog about from this past week) Time just slips away....

Minnesota or bust!


Jessica said...

not Nebraska :( but I'm excited for you guys getting to build!! yay!

Sara said...

Have you already forgotten what a MN winter is like? :) 64 is still practically summer! Can't wait to say "Welcome back!"

Dawn said...

Sara- Yes, I have forgotten!! I think living in a "mild" winter climate state (Even though we were pounded with snow!) has made me hate the cold weather even more! Can you believe that the other day Naomi was over here and we were debating about whether to wear jeans (pants) or shorts bc we thought it was "chilly" was ONLY supposed to get to 82! LOL!

Sara said...

It's definitely all a matter of perspective. In Ireland the beaches were full of swimmers when the high was 68! And only a few were in wet suits. One winter here and you'll adjust back quickly, I'm sure.