Tuesday, September 14, 2010

second day.

Well, thankfully I can actually say that I think yesterday went better than the first. The initial excitement of the hotel stay died down a little bit and the kids weren't as wild. I even ventured downstairs with all of them to get breakfast in the morning and they did extremely well...just sitting at the table patiently for me to bring them all their stuff. I even had a guy comment this morning on how well behaved my kids were...haha, if he only knew! :)

I really wish we could open the window in here more than an inch though as it's starting to get really stuffy in the room. I've had a headache both yesterday and today and I think it's because the air blowing into the room from their ac unit smells like really stinky feet. Not exactly a smell that you want blowing in your room for hours on end...or days on end for that matter!!

Meals have been going really well though. With a little preparation before we left, I figured out 2 meals a day (since breakfast would be provided by the hotel). The first night I made tacos. I just browned the hamburger before with taco seasoning and then put them together when we were ready to eat them, complete with soft shells, hard shells, sour cream, olives, refried beans and cheese. (we have a fridge in our room). Yesterday we had chicken, rice, celery & carrots in chicken stock in the crock pot. That was yummy! Just throw in the stuff in the morning and ready for supper! Tonight I am making pork roast in the crock, along with potatoes and carrots. A few more meals I have planned are quesadillas, chili in the crock, and sandwiches. Not too bad for staying in a hotel if I do say so myself! :)

Trying to 'wind-down' before bed with a little movie...

They ate their lunch in the 'fort'.

And as far as getting those darn knots figured out...Nathan figured them out last night. He called me on the way home yesterday and says "I have bad news."...then continues to explain that he has to tie 4 more eye splices and then has to tie back slices. I'm like, okay...we are staying in a hotel, our camper is sitting at a friends house, we don't know where we will be moving and we are waiting to build our house....please don't start a sentence with "I have bad news" if it only has to do with knot tying!! But he came home, got right at it, and figured them out with no trouble. Whew! I wasn't too excited about staying up late again staring at a piece of yellow slippery rope!

Well, I think we are going outside for a walk, although I did just realize that Nathan has the van, which means he also has the stroller....guess we won't be going too far!

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