Wednesday, September 15, 2010

room #2

Well, I thought I would say that yesterday actually went really well. And, it did, for the most part. But there was this tiny thing that happened during the afternoon...

The two youngest were playing in the bathroom. More specifically, the toilet.

I didn't actually see it happen, but I'm pretty postitive, based on previous experience, that when Caedmon went potty later and said that "the toilet has a lot of water in it", it had something to do with Brayan and Ariella playing in there eariler.

I tried flushing and sure enough...clogged. I called the front desk who brought me a plunger. Plunged it...nothing. Nathan plunged it...nothing. Still clogged. We told the front desk who kindly gave us another room. I asked for one on the first floor (we were on the 3rd) and there was one open right across from the dining room! perfect!

What wasn't fun as moving all our stuff! Toys, food, refrigerator, clothes, papers, computers...everything needed to go. We loaded up the wheely-thing they have to help move your stuff and made a couple trips downstairs. After we got settled in here, there was really no time to do anything else....we went to bed.

But before all this happened, I took the kids outside while housekeeping cleaned our room. Holy smokes did that make a big difference! I don't know why I didn't have them clean it the first two days, I thought since we were staying there we didn't need it. But she vacuumed, clean the bathroom, etc and pyschologically it helped so much to have a freshly cleaned room! So we stayed outside and walked down the street to look at some worm things the kids found. It kept them busy anyway! What will today bring?? I'm kind of afraid to ask....

Checking out the worms

Where's Ariella going?

Too bright out!

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