Monday, October 14, 2013

Date Weekend

Here is another thing I've been meaning to post about...our date weekend away!!!  I even need to look back on the pictures to remember what we actually did!  How bad is that?!  See why I have to blog....

We divvied up our kids...J, A, & C to Gma and Gpas and T & B to Melissa's for part of the weekend, and then back home to have Haley and Hannah watch them til we got back.

We left Friday and came back Sunday.  While making our way to the cities, we leisurely stopped at some thrift stores.  We found our way to the Ivy Spa Club where we received our first ever "couple massage", complete with a relaxing time sitting in robes by a fireplace, eating cheese, crackers, and chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmm...  They had this amazing pregnancy pillow that allowed me to lie directly on my tummy, which felt so amazing since I haven't been able to be in that position for a long time!!

(Gotta love his "bunny shirt" that we wore for the first night of our date.  People kept giving him weird looks, lol! :)

Then we headed to Annie's Parlor for a good 'ol fashion burger and fries.  It was so yummy with all the onions!!  And of course since we were sitting outside, Nathan was distracted by all the power lines by the deck and was constantly looking at them until it got too dark :)

We debated a while where we were going to stay, trying to figure out if we wanted to be in the city or out a little we chose out...over by the mall of america!  The next day we took the shuttle over to the mall for a few hours and walked around.  It's nice to do that about once a year.  More than that is just too much!

We used the rest of the day to just lounge around and enjoy each other's company.  It was so nice!  And the weather was beautiful so we even laid out in the sun for a bit.

For our late afternoon activity for Saturday, we booked a horse-drawn carriage ride around Mpls!  It was so relaxing and the weather, again, was beautiful!  It was pretty much the same loop as we took when we did the segway tours a couple years ago, but Nathan said that riding in the carriage was much more relaxing :)  Our driver served as a tour guide as well and explained things and buildings as we went past them.

All set to go!

From where we boarded our carriage

Our carriage dropping the people off before us

That evening we went to eat at Chevy's, a nice mexican restaurant that was only a few blocks from our hotel.  It gave me a reason to wear one of my only maternity things I own...a dress :)

Sunday morning we headed back to pick up the kids and ended our weekend with breakfast from Perkins.  It was an incredible weekend and so glad we have friends and family willing to watch our brood so we can get away for a few days, even though it only happens once every couple years.  I'll take it :)

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