Friday, October 18, 2013

Evening with the bestie

So I found a babysitter last minute & asked Melissa if she'd hang out with me last night! I needed to get out of the house and *try to get my mind off having this baby!!!

She had some errands to do at Walmart so a good portion of the night was spent walking around Walmart, lol! Just like a typical mom outing! It was nice though bc it encouraged contractions and I got to walk and hold little Lauren! (I even changed her diaper and wow! It's been awhile since I've changed a butt that tiny!!)

After Walmart, we swung by her house to drop some stuff off and then proceeded to Applebee's for some dinner. It was a nice evening and have me something todo besides focusing on when my baby is coming! 

I am 12 days from my due date....Brayan was born 14 days early, Ariella 7 days early & Jaeger 11 days early so I'm kind of in the mindset of "any day now!".  Today I have been having lots of low contractions with pressure and cramping, just not very comfortable but nothing to make me think I'm going into labor anytime soon.  With Nathan 4 hours away, he keeps reminding me that he has his phone on etc and to call him if anything changes. He really doesn't want to miss it!

3 days ago, Tuesday, was my appt with Ruth, the midwife. My normal midwife, Joy, left last Friday for a month for some more training!! 5 babies with her and now she's gone! Ruth was Melissa's midwife tho and it was nice to be at her birth to see how Ruth handled things etc and I like her too! She has lots of experience as she said that Lauren was her 1,658 birth! Wowzers!  Anyway, Tuesday I saw Ruth and I was dilated to 3.5, 70% effaced, & baby was at a +2 station. So moving in the right direction anyway!!  Baby is super low tho making for things to be not very comfy! I really hope baby decides to make her appearance this weekend. Nathan will be home which will be one less thing to worry about and I can be done! :)  

Oh, and everyone keeps reminding me that tonight is a full moon. Apparently more women go into labor on a full moon...we shall see!!

End of week 38, start of week 39!

Melissa with Lauren at Applebees


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