Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Good evening

I had a good evening. I've been really trying to focus on my kids lately, especially at night, and wanting them to know how much I love them even when some days I just can't get them in bed soon enough!  I put down stuff I was doing to read books to C & J. They both loved it. I hugged Caedmon. I asked Jaeg to say a few words, he did! Owl and turtle are a couple he says as are so cute!!! I later asked Caedmon what was his favorite part of the day. Thinking it was going to be finishing a pace or playing dodge ball during break, he says with a smile, "when you hugged me". Tears!!  Oh if that wasn't convicting!! So sweet of him. I have to remember to not be too busy that I forget to hug my kids. 

Ariella was singing to selah while I was reading books so she'd stay happy. It wa precious. She loved it.

Jaegers so sweet...

Making gingerbread houses! I ran to get lunch at chipotle so I was gone during most of the messy part...which I'm thankful for! Lol!

That's a nice place for Jaeg while we make cookies! He can see and he's out of the way!

She's a natural!! She scooped her up and was bouncing her from side to side to keep her happy. 

Sisters snuggling :)

And now Selahs finally asleep next to me and it's only 10:09 so I'm going to sleep too!! She's normally real fussy until 11:30 or so, so I'm taking advantage of this time!

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