Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New hooks

We had several hooks (12 to be exact) in the hook & cubby system my dad helped me make last year but now with winter & school, I was finding *way too many things on the floor of our entry way, plus no place for guests' coats when they come.

We have an empty wall between our front door and our door to the garage. I think i thought before that that space was unusable since the front door opens up to that wall so you couldn't put anything on it. Well how silly of me!  It's the perfect spot for hooks!  One text to my dad with the board measurements, a little paint and a few hooks (which are crazy expensive btw!) and we have some awesome functional space!! I love them and I love my (mostly) mess-free entry way now!

The other ones are a tad full!

We staggered the boards a tad so the hooks wouldn't line up...and it was an after thought but with stuff on there all the time, you can't tell anyway. And it's not this bare anymore. This is right after they went up :)

And another one to hang backpacks! Love it!!

Oh! And the day he came over here to hang them, my boys were supposed to go to a bday party. Since I leave home at least twice a day (sometimes more) and Sundays are church etc, I really just wanted to stay home. I felt bad bc I knew the boys would have really liked to go to the party etc but I just needed to get a few things done! Well, my dad called and asked if he could come help me! Whaaaat?? He said that he would pick up the boys, take them to the party, come back and hang my hooks, and then go pick up the boys! Wow!! Sure you can help! The boys loved the party and I love my hooks! And I liked having company for a few hours as well, so thanks Dad!

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