Sunday, June 7, 2009

G & G Legatt & Jenna visit!!!

Over Memorial Day weekend, Nathan's parents came down for the weekend to visit! When they pulled in the driveway at 10:45pm, Nathan looked out and said "There's someone with them!" After looking closer, he said, "It's Jenna!" Our 13 yr old niece (Nathan's oldest sister's daughter) came with them as a surprise to us and the kids. It was nice to see her (we haven't seen her since Christmas) and the boys, especially Tiernan, loved her!!! She even watched the boys for a couple hours while we ran to Lincoln to the health food store to get some suppliments, etc. Pictures that she took while we were gone are coming soon! Here are some pics of their visit!

Grandma's playing "Go Fish!" with Tiernan!

Having a picnic at the park, it was nice out and we had great company!

Tom and Mary

Tiernan and his favorite friend cousin Jenna

The cook!

Caedmon was trying to say 'cheese' with food in his mouth...I shoulda waited :)

Grandma Mary with a sleepy Ariella

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