Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This One's For You, Alban!

I was chattin' with our friend Al who lives in France (who used to live in the same apt building as us in Luverne) yesterday on Facebook. He was saying that it was 90 degrees there, which I wasn't so jealous about since it was in the 90s here too last weekend, but talking with him gave me the great idea to make "Al's dish" for supper tonight!! If you remember this post, it was where Al made a wonderful "French" supper for us and it was fabulous! I even had all the ingredients for it already so I was set! Al requested I take a few pictures of us making it and Al, this post is for you!!

Brayan helpin' me stir before adding the chicken.

Caedmon's chowin'

Brayan says 'cheese'

Tiernan, Ariella, & Daddy stop to say Hi to Al too!

And, just so you know.....this is the biggest compliment any chef can get from Nathan....laying down on the kitchen floor after a meal....that means it was delicious!! (and also that he ate so much since it was so good that he has a hard time moving and has to stretch himself out so the food settles a little :)
So thanks again Alban!!! We miss you!!

**just a reminder for those of you who live in the St Cloud area: Go to Laura's garage sale starting tomorrow (june 4th!) and find some treasures!! I hear she's got some pretty awesome stuff there!! See this post for directions.

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A part of me is still in the US !!!