Monday, October 19, 2009

Here It Is.... I've kept everyone in suspense long enough....

I've gotten phone calls and emails asking what our family is planning to do that most families woudln't even consider....

So here it is....

We are selling all of our possessions and moving into a camper and traveling across the country!!

Yes, that's right...a camper. A 5th wheel to be exact. A 39 foot, 3 bedroom (4 bunks plus master), 2 bath, 4 slide out RV that will have plenty of room for our family of 6 to live. (It even has a washer and dryer!) It's a 2008 Dutchmen Monte Vista that an old couple had for 4 months before they traded it in for a class c camper. We got a great deal on it, saving over 50% off the new sticker price.

And since it already has a couch, table, beds, etc, we don't need anything except a few clothes and some dishes! Therefore I have been getting ready to have a huge garage sale this week! We have found a family from church who want most of our big stuff (couch, table and chairs, book shelf, dressers, lamps, fan, tv, etc) so that has been such a blessing!!

Another sweet thing about this is that we are going to the same job as our friends that we met in Seward (Matt and Meggan) and we are going to park our rvs right next to each other so it will be real nice. We've said it'll kinda be like we are on an extended vacation where Nathan just happens to go to work! We will be living in a campground, parked right next to our friends, we will be able to see the mountains out our windows and we're close enough to the coast so Matt and Nathan can try their hands at tuna fishing :)

As more loose ends get tied, I'll share more details, and as always, plans can always change last minute...but for now I have a garage sale to prepare before we become full-time RVers!!

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