Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grocery Store

Please pick the correct ending to this sentence.....


When I go to the grocery store, I:


1) don't get a lot of groceries at once because since the cart is full of kids, I have no where to put them,

2) have many people give me the 'Look at all those kids! You're insane, but they sure are cute!' smile,

3) race through the aisles before Caedmon and Brayan decide to throw stuff out of the cart

4) spend most of my time breaking up 'biting' fights between Caedmon and Brayan

5) tell Caedmon repeatedly to not lick the sides of the shopping cart

6) say to Tiernan about 50 million times "Please keep your hands off! Just look with your eyes!"

7) make faces at Ariella because she's so cute and smiles so easily

8) regret putting their winter coats on because they take up even more room in the carts!

9) wonder why I just didn't wait for Nathan to get home so I could go to the store by myself!

10) am constantly picking up the "dropped" smiley face sticker the walmart greeter just has to give my kids when they enter the building!

11) pray to God that they don't drop anything that is glass!

12) ask Tiernan to keep his eyes open while he walks because the tower of parmessan cheese almost tipped over when he walked into it.

13) All of the above.

If you chose answer #13, you were correct!!


Anonymous said...

I especially related to #12. William is so lucky he didn't get flattened by any of the shopping carts he walked in front of yesterday while he was looking elsewhere.


Jackson and Lexiiii said...

Too cute...great way to look at it!! You guys are so blessed!