Monday, October 5, 2009

Nebraska's Rule: Red on Saturday

So what's new in our world?

Nothing, really.

Just getting ready for the end of the job and a possible move across the country.

Nathan thinks that there's a good chance that this job will be done by the end of the month, yes this month. The rumors have been flyin' around like the always do about where the next jobs are located, how long they are, etc but as of now, it's sounding like the guys will get a transfer to the next job. What's so special about a transfer?? Well, that means that he'll have a job and there'd be no waiting to get called to go out to a job. Example: Last year between the job in Iowa and going back to Luverne, we were unemployed for 3 weeks between jobs. He got laid off from one, signed the union books, and waited to get called. No call means no work. When you get a transfer, once the job you're on is done, they give you this nice little slip that says show up at this location on this date and voila! you have a job. So a transfer is always desired over a non-transfer. Get it? Good!

Now, where to?? Well, I hate to even say because the rumors of the locations of the jobs fly around and change as often as we change our underwear (which for most of us is hopefully everyday...) but as of now, we are thinking.....Virginia!

For awhile it was Las Vegas and then Texas was flyin' around, but now it's Virginia. If that stays true, then I'll be excited to live by the east coast since we haven't ever traveled over there before but also Nathan has a sister and her family living in Virginia so maybe we'll be able to see them! But the one thing that's not-so-good about having to move there is, well, the move! And by that I mean, the driving!!!! Ugh....I HATE driving/riding in the car for long distances!!! It would be a long haul cross-country and that would also mean that we woudln't be able to go back home to MN much, if at all. So I'll just keep ya posted as things get even more crazy around here with the move!! Exciting times!!!

(If anyone that reads this is within driving distance to St Cloud and you have a job for Nathan, let us know and we'll move back to our "home turf" ASAP!)

In the meantime, we'll continue to enjoy our community that we are living in now. And to be honest, I love it here! Nathan and I always end every question or statement we have about weird stuff with 'well, it is Nebraska'....for example, everytime we see crazy looking bugs (which there are a lot of down here) we say 'well, it is Nebraska!'...just stuff like that. But besides it being Nebraska, we've connected with so many people and made so many good friends that it feels like we've been living here a lot longer than we have!!

It all started with getting connected with our church. We all have our Sunday school classes before church and then church service on Sunday, then I have a ladies Wednesday morning bible study & the kids get to play with other kids & have their own class, then every other Friday I have MOPS (mother of preschoolers) group which is also at our church. During the summer when MOPS wasn't meeting, we had a playdate and picnic at the park every Friday. Then once a month I go to "sassy scrappers" at church and relax and scrapbook or last time I brought my sewing machine! Then we are involved with a "4 square" group at church (no, not the's where 4 families get together 4 times in 4 months 4 fellowship!) Then there are always 'one time' things that we go to like a church bonfire at a families home last Saturday night and Nathan went golfing with some guys from church yesterday. So obviously we have things going on and activites that we are involved in....that will be the hard part leaving.

Another thing that is really imporant to us when we move to a new place is getting plugged in to a buying club where I can by my wheat berries to grind flour and stuff like that, a farmer or source to get farm fresh eggs, and a dairy farmer where we can get our milk. Moving here, we were able to find those things fairly quickly and we love all our sources so I don't want to leave them either!! Our friends from church is where we get our eggs, only $1/dozen!! The buying club drops off our stuff only a couple miles down the road, and our dairy farmers are so nice, stopping what they are doing to get us milk and chat with us a good 15-30 mins every time we come!!! Oh, you guys will be missed!!! (I will try to get better at bringing my camera with me where ever we go and taking pictures of all this stuff so I can post it...I've been so bad lately!)

We know when we move to a place it will only be temporary, but in the meantime we meet people who will become lifelong friends and just a few short months later, we need to move and become 'long distance' friends. I would say that's one of the hardest parts doing what we are doing....getting planted and then having to uproot and leave. We try to keep our goal in mind though...eventually getting back to our 'stompin' ground' so we can settle down.

But, for now, we are still in Nebraska so I can still say "Go Huskers!!"......(Just kidding, I have never even seen the Huskers play nor do I really care....)

Oh! But it WAS funny last Saturday at that bonfire.....When we go somewhere that has a big space for our children to run and flee ie) someone's home/backyard that is acres and acres....I dress the boys in the same color, preferably bright, so I can spot them easily. Well, getting them dressed for the bondfire, I decided that orange would be the color. When we got to the bonfire, I was so glad I did not choose red as my color of choice, which I usually do since they have a lot of red clothes, because every one was wearing red!!! (There was about 150 people at the party)Why???? Because it was Husker homecoming and I was told that everyone in Nebraska wears red on Saturday during Husker season!! Well, excuse me!!! And since we were unaware of that unwritten rule, we did not wear red...but it was a very good thing b/c my kids were easy to spot!!

Speaking of my kids.....

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