Friday, October 9, 2009

Tiernan Puts It Back Into Perspective

Conversation this morning on the way to MOPS.....

Me: "Oh, shoot!"

Tiernan: "What's the matter Mom?"

Me: "I forgot my camera at home and I wanted to take pictures of my friends before we move!!...UGH!"

Tiernan: "It's alright Mom. Maybe next time you can take pictures of your friends."

Me: ::sigh:: "Thanks Tiernan. You're right. Maybe next time. But I really wanted to do it this time!"

Tiernan: "Don't worry Mom. You just need more Jesus."

Don't you just love it when a 4 year old gives advice and acts more mature in a given situation than you do?!

(Several days ago I told Tiernan that when we are mad/upset/sad etc, it is a time when we need more Jesus in us and we need to ask the Lord help us to get us through. I told him to keep me accountable. Well, he did!! Thank God for little boys!)

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Jackson and Lexiiii said...

I love those kinds of tend to put us in our place, luckily.