Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here is the first of my "Not Me!" Mondays!

What exactly is "Not Me!" Monday? Well, it's a blog carnival created by MckMama, another blogger, and it's where you don't admit stuff that you didn't do during the previous week!

And I always have way too many of these to not share, so here is goes! Hope you can have a laugh! If you want to check out MckMama's and her readers "Not Me!" Mondays, just visit her blog on Mondays!

For example, I totally did not bribe my children with a box of Little Debbie snacks if they were good in Wal-Mart because we always eat heathly and never buy Little Debbie snacks.

Nor did I sneak a Little Debbie snack when we got home all the way to the basement so the kids wouldn't hear me open it so I could eat it in peace without sharing! Nope! Not Me!

And I totally did not trick Brayan into coming to me when he was half way down the sidewalk when he was supposed to be in the van, by pointing to the ground and saying "Look!" because my kids always listen to me and always come when called!

I totally did not decide I was thirsty and in too much of a hurry to grab a glass so I just too a swig straight from the juice container! And then when the kids saw me and wanted some, I did not just let them drink straight from the container too because that would be gross and we are much more sophisticated than that! Nope! Not me!

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