Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I totally did not lock my keys in my car while it was running, with my phone in it, along with my baby...Nope! Not me! And then I wasn't totally grateful that Nathan was home and that I knew where the spare key was so he could just run the spare a couple blocks to me at my landlords business. And since locking your keys in the car with you baby in it is completely irresponsible, I totally did not do it!

When it was time to go to church, I was not having a difficult time with the kids' shoes and finding the correct ones so I did not put Brayan's tennis shoes on without socks on and let him go like that. Nor did I put socks on Caedmon, only to let him wear his sandals, nope! Not me! And since it was Caedmon's shoes I couldn't find, I didn't just let him wear Tiernan's sandals because those would be way too big and would probably be falling off at church, giving attention to the fact that he was wearing socks with his sandals!...which didn't even fit him! Nope! Not me!

And while picking up the living room, I did not pick up clothes that I knew weren't dirty and put them into the dirty clothes pile just so I wouldn't have to put them away. Nope! Because I would never make more work for myself in the long run just because I was lazy for a moment. Nope! Not me!

So what didn't you do this week??

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