Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

Have a laugh... :)

After asking Tiernan to go downstairs and get the cherries out of the freezer, he came up, handed them to me and says "I know these are the cherries because they have tails."

While walking along the brick ledge at church, Caedmon fell off (imagine that! graceful..) and landed on the cement sidewalk. Since I was holding Ariella in one hand and my purse/bible/toys/blankets/bag in the other while trying to keep Brayan out of the parking lot and telling Tiernan to stay by me, an older gentleman came over and picked Caedmon up and made sure he was alright. After Nathan got home, Caedmon was telling him about the experience...."But I'm okay cuz Jesus picked me up!"

I was sitting in the chair when Tiernan came up and stood by me and started sniffing my hair. "Mmmmm.." he said, thinking he was referring to the smell of my shampoo or something. I asked "Do you smell something? What does Mommy smell like?" He answers "Like a doggie!"

Tiernan asked for a snack the other day and to his question I answered "Sure!" He got all excited and turned to Caedmon and says "Sure means's Smamish"

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