Saturday, November 21, 2009

Facts About Me....part 1

1) I could have 10 more girls like Ariella...she is such a little doll! (See above :)

2) I wear goggles while cutting onions (so my eyes don't water!)

3) I hate putting away clothes after I fold them.

4) I'm growing my hair out...again.

5) I finished my 4 year degree in 3-1/2.

6) I finished half of my sign language interpreter schooling.

7) I would like to finish the other half someday.

8) I am not a morning person, although my kids are up around 6 every morning.

9) I will be 28 on Tuesday.

10) I can't WAIT to live in our RV!

11) Instantly had a 'thing' for Nathan from the first moment I saw him.

12) My favorite movie is 'Loves Comes Softly'

13) I like chocolate candy, but not chocolate desserts.

14) My grandma is the only person who refers to me by my first and middle name, which I am starting to like more as I get older and think it would be cool to introduce myself that way at the next place we live.

15) I have 23 brothers/brothers in law and sisters/sisters in law, with one more brother-in-law in the works.

16) I have 29 nieces and nephews with 2 more on the way!

17) I LIVE in my slippers for most of the year, and that is how I go through a pair each year.

18) I only put gas in my van about once every 2 months or more...unless, of course, we travel back home.

19) I still say the phrase "Home again, home again, jiggity jig" when coming home from a long drive....something my dad would always say when we got home from visiting our grandparents.

20) I hate the winter.

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