Friday, November 6, 2009

New "Shop"

I've created a new webpage "shop" to post all my I Spy Bags and Aprons I have for sale! I've started creating new bags and am totally lovin' it! It's a slow process getting all my inventory on this new site, but you can check it out in it's beginning stages!

It's located on a site call and maybe some of you have heard of it before? It's where anyone can post anything that's homemade or vintage but nothing else. It's become my favorite site since I love homemade stuff! You can find anything from clothes to furniture to toys...if someone can make it, it'll be on there!

Anyway, you can still order thru my other blog to see patterns available, etc but just lettin' ya know that I'll have things posted on here as well!!

Stop by for a visit!! Just click here True Delights and make sure you check back every so often to see more items!!

(The site is

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