Monday, November 16, 2009

So What Exactly Does He Do Anyway??

So as most of you know, we've been essentially traveling around for the past 2-1/2 years going from job to job in different locations and states with Nathan's company that he works for. But what is it that he actually does for a living? Well here's the answer!!

He is a heavy equipment operator for an electrical contractor. He works on a crew with about 5-6 guys on it (most of the time) that puts up big transmission lines. Sometimes the lines are needed because they needed to carry energy generated by the windmills and other times the lines go up to replace the old existing line. When the latter is the case, then they have to go through and wreck out the older wooden poles/lines and put up their new, big steel ones.

He operates the big 'manly' equipment like bull dozers, cranes, tentioner, puller, lead line machine, rope machine, track hoe, back hoe, skid steer...stuff like that!

He also does some other stuff like haul poles out to the job site where they belong from the yard, move equipment from one location to the other, and keep track of inventory, etc.

And then once they finish a line, they pick up and go somewhere else in the country to put up another one! Sometimes a line takes 5 months to finish, some take a few years...just depending how long the line is and how many crews they have working on it! So far the jobs that we've been on have been 1 yr, 5 months, 6 months, and 7 months. (Making this next move be our 5th move and 4th state in 2-1/2 years!)

I've been meaning to take a picture of the line here since we go under part of it on the way to the farm to get milk but I keep forgetting! So for now I'll just post the picture that another lady whos husband works for the same company took.

And as for when this job is done...well, I've been told that they only have "one more wire pull" (whatever that means!) left to do which should take about a week. Then comes clean-up etc. We don't know how long Nathan will be a part of clean-up or whatever so hopefully he'll find out tomorrow at his meeting!

So for now we continue to wait and get packed to move into the RV!!! For that I am SUPER EXCITED!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

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