Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Color is YOUR Wal-mart??

I never really thought too much about the color of our Walmart until my sister came to visit me and she said "Why is your Wal-Mart green??" I'm like 'what do you mean?' Then I realized that, yes, all of the Wal-Marts I've seen before have been blue. And since my sister lives in "Walmartville USA", she should know what color Wal-marts are, right??

So I googled the color of Wal-mart stores and came to find there was even a blog about it asking people to comment about what color their Wal-mart was and what city/state they lived in. People wrote saying colors red, blue, green and tan. Some have the theories that blue store are just the 'regular' Wal-marts and the greens are the 'super' Wal-marts...but I've seen super Wal-marts both green and blue...so then I'd have no idea what the red ones are for?!

So if you'd like, leave a comment as to what color your Wal-mart is and what city or state you live in and maybe we'll come up with a consenses as to why they choose the colors that they do!

I'll start: Our Wal-mart is green, Seward NE.


Signe said...

St. Cloud is good ol' blue... However, they are building a new one on Hwy 15... so I wonder what color that one will be!!

AshleyAnderson said...

The westside Super Wal-Mart in Sioux Falls is blue. But I believe I've seen green in Montana. Maybe it's a regional thing??