Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quick One!

Yes, it was my birthday yesterday! So how did I spend it? Well....

I woke up at about 5am to get the kids up and ready to leave for MN! We were heading up to my parents house by 6:30am and spent the whole day in the car!...great birthday huh?! :)

Since my dad traveled down to our place on Sunday, he caravaned back with us with a few things we will store while living on the road. One of the things is our bed, which my parents will use in their guest room (so if you stay at my parents house now, you'll actually have a nice bed to sleep in!!). was a pain to keep that thing wrapped in the 30-40 mph wind and rain on the way back! The guys wrapped it in plastic and used 2 rolls of duct tape to secure the plastic and a bunch of ropes, bungies, etc but we still had to stop a few times to fix it. We made it to my parents house by about 4pm.

We had planned to just drop the boys off with my parents so we could enjoy an evening out without having the little rugrats with us...but, the plans changed pretty quick.

Once we got here, the kids wanted to play outside, so within a few mins, Tiernan crawled into the van to get his coat, shut the side door behind him which he couldn't open so he crawled out the front door, and pressed the lock button on his way out. The keys were still in it. Along with my purse, Ariella's carseat, etc. Ugh....

So Dad was quick thinking to call their neighbor who owns a car dealership. All he had to do was give the guy the VIN # of the van and he made us a spare key! The only problem was that he didn't drop it off until he got off work, which was close to 7pm.

We still went into town and had a nice dinner at Mongo's grill, but by the time we got done with that, everything else was closed. So i took a rain check on my birthday and after our dentist appts today, we'll do our shopping :)

Little boys stay with grandpa ron and the big boy stays with grandma mary...should be nice!

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Mongo's is our fav place to eat. Happy belated birthday!