Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

...and mixing with another version called "Not My Child! Monday....

I was not told that Caedmon did not turn around to the sunday school teacher that took him potty at church and said "get out" before he'd go...Nope...because my kids are always polite! Nope, Not my child!

Tiernan did not try to tip the water filter system to get the last bit of water in it and end up knocking it over and breaking the filtering elements in it. And they do not cost $99 to replace, Nope! Not my child!

And then Tiernan did not trip over Brayan and bonk his head on a chair and gave himself a big gash on the back of his head...which I did not have to shave his head so I band-aid could stick to it, Nope! Not my child!

While we were sleeping last night, we did not hear Caedmon wake up crying only to find that he did not have a bloody nose that was dripping everywhere, Nope! Not my child!

And all those things did not happen within 10 hours of eachother making it a very eventful night at our house...because stuff like that just doesn't happen over here when you have 3 boys, 4 and under! Nope!

Oh, and I also did not have just brownies (made with coconut oil and honey!) and asparagus for supper the other night. I mean, who in the world would do that!? Nope! Not me!!

(Not Me! Monday blog carnival created by MckMama)


Following HIM said...

What a week! The comment about your son telling the teacher to get out cracks me up! Happy Monday!

Alicia said...

Too funny about you son telling the teacher to get out! He just wanted his privacy lol!