Saturday, May 8, 2010


So today would have been the day that Nathan left for Iowa for 7 days to attend pole climbing school to start his lineman apprenticeship before moving to themiddleofnowhere, North Dakota, but we decided that it wasn't a move we wanted to make right now. And seriously, the "town" that we would have lived near had a population of a whoppin' 14! Whew! We would have almost doubled the population! They gave us 3 hours to decide (nice long time to think about it huh?!) from the time that we received the call and orginally Nathan accepted, but then after thinking and praying about it that evening and the next morning, we decided it's not for us at this time since there would be lots of times Nathan would be living on the road away from us and that is something that we won't sacrifice. So anyway, I'm very glad we decided to stay here and continue on with our normalcy. :)

Me with my boys......

Another use for the camper slide.....

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