Monday, May 24, 2010

inside fun.

It's been interesting around here.

Rain with some more rain makes for a lot of mud. And seeing how I no longer let my kids play in the mud (I know, what a mean mom I am!), it makes for an interesting time in the camper. Also, the kids broke our table base, leaving Ariella with having to eat up at the kitchen counter, and before we put her there, she was sitting in the recliner...which she did surprisingly well at!

Also, we ran out of vacuum bags for our central vac, so I haven't been able to vacuum going on 3 days...yeah, NOT fun! Esp since I rely on that thing several times a day! I hope they get here soon!!

So what exactly do you do with 4 rambunctious kids who can't go outside to play? You play inside! This is what they boys have been doing lately.

Building forts

Doing flips from the dining room bench onto the couch

Body surfing on pillows

This was fun until Tiernan kept sliding once his pillow stopped and he scraped his lip on the floor...ouch!

And they have also been taking paper after they color on it, wadding it up into a ball, and throwing them at each other like dodgeball but calling them "fire balls". Whatever.

I have been doing the usual, which includes going a little crazy with having them always on top of me and each other all the time! But I have tried out a few new recipes lately such as potato leek pizza and blueberry cobbler!

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Jessica said...

I see Ariella trying to join in on the flipping action there :)