Monday, April 23, 2012

The Bridge

(Blogger changed their website and apparently they won't let the spacing of how I have my paragraphs, etc show up on the blog, so sorry everything is smushed together...blame blogger...) So the weeks seem to be flying by...which I guess is a good thing seeing how we are still living in a hotel room. Although I do have to admit that its growing on me and since we were already used to living in small spaces, its actually not that bad. I mean, someone else cleans my bathroom; washes my towels, dish rags, and bedding; vacuums; takes out my garbage; and makes my bed every week! What house can I say that about?? ;) Nathan is working 5-10s now which we are all still trying to get used to! He is home SO much!! Not that I am complaining by any means but it makes for some creativity in finding stuff to do as a family while he's here! and speaking of that...he convinced me...well, actually just told me, I didn't really have a choice...that we were getting a wii. I thought I had one up on him when I told him that even if we wanted one, we couldnt get one bc the tvs in our room are the old school kind and don't have any cable hook ups on them. Well, we happened to have a friend over from back home (more on that later!) and he told us that we can just get a converter and it would work fine! Well, thank you for nothing, Joel!! :) So after our outing last Friday (Nathan got the day off bc of the rain..and more on our day out later...), we stopped at Walmart and picked up a wii...and a converter! Well, I'm actually glad we got it as it's given us some fun family time playing super mario brothers and Tiernan can kick our butt in most any world :) Random Pictures.... Since I don't want to go broke doing laundry here...I typically wash and then hang up on my hangers I bought at Goodwill. After the first load, the hangers paid for themselves :)
Typical scene of the planes...even I love to watch them :)
Jaeger smiling and talking with Daddy
The kids before church last week
So about our awesome church!.... Once we got to Chicago, we knew we wanted to get plugged in to a church immediately in order to start making connections and friendships. I put 'churches' in the search bar of my phone and all the little pins dropped on the map. I scanned thru them quick and came upon one called The Bridge Community Church. I clicked on their website and thought that it'd be a church that we'd like so Easter sunday was our first service! Everyone was soooo friendly and welcoming that we decided to sign up for 'pizza with paster scott' after church the following Sunday. We met even more people during pizza and continue to make friends each week. The kids love it as they get to go to their class during the service. Last week I decided to take the boys to Awana for the first time, even though there were only 4 weeks left for the year (it goes by the school year). Tiernan WILL NOT stop talking about it!! He had so much fun and CONSTANTLY walks around saying his memory verse from last week (John 3:16). He is in "sparks" andthe 2 other boys are in "cubbies". We will go back tonight for awana again!! And the other nice part about it is that it is from 6:30 til 8:15 and we drop them off so Nathan, Ariella, Jaeger and I get to spend some quality time together! Aside from the actual church service and Awana, we have met some awesome people there who have already invited us over for a bbq last Wednesday (and even let me do a load of laundry there!) I also meet with some of the stay at home moms at church on tuesday morning for a playgroup where we meet in the GYM (yes! they have a gym too!!...actually TWO of them!) where all the kids run around and burn off some energy. I also met the moms again last Wed for a date at a park in town as well. We will soon be joining a small group at church as well, making our connections circle even larger! We are very happy to have found The Bridge! Thank you Lord for giving us a church family right away! And I'm starting to like this part of the city a little better as we start learning our way around. Even though I'm a country girl, I do LOVE having every store that I could want (Sams club, Target, Kmart, Goodwill, Chipotle!, etc) all within a max of 2-3 miles from where we live..with some being just a couple blocks down!

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