Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kohl Children's Museum

So despite not having very good luck driving around this city, we decided to give it another try and make our way to the children's museum.

"It's Good one's going to want to go to the children's museum" we thought...WRONG!!!

We pulled up into the lot and read the big words on the sign 'LOT FULL'. Oh, gee, that's wonderful. Guess a few more people had the same idea we did. Crazy how that works in a big city.

So we drove around to the other side of the block as instructed and walked. And it was a little chilly walk. We, of course, don't have coats on and it's a brisk 37 degrees with lotsa wind. Have I mentioned that it's windy here? Always windy?? Hense the name 'windy city' I suppose.

So anyway, we found our way inside and realize that not only was it Good Friday but it was Spring Break so I'm sure all these mommas were ready to get their children out of the house after being cooped up all week. We were wondering what was taking the line so long to enter and then we realized that the building had reached it's max capacity so once x amt of people left, they would let x amt of people from the line into the museum.

We paid our dues and were on our way inside. It was crazily busy with children and toddlers EVERYWHERE...playing, pulling, banging, screaming, yelling, feeling, touching, looking...just being kids I guess! There were 17 different stations from music to body to water and more.

After a few hours we decided we had enough and left.

Next up was lunch at a place we'd never been before called Steak 'n Shake. We had no idea what kind of food was served there so a quick search on google I found the menu and sounded like something we'd eat!...burgers and fries mainly but also milkshakes. They were very INexpensive and the milkshakes were super good. And since we were there during happy hour, the shakes were 1/2 price.... this baby was only $1.75. It was huge. And this is their 'regular' size. Notice my drink glass next to it. :)

Today has been much more lazy. Lounging around the hotel room, nap in the late morning, then to wandering around Target for a couple hours. The kids were begging and begging to go play at the park across the intersection from us so after dropping me and the baby off at the hotel, Nathan took the other 4 kids to the park. I tried to get ariella to stay with me, even bribing her with candy but to no avail...she wanted to play at the park.

After getting back, Nathan said "well, we were definately the only white people there...well, white people that speak English anyway." It's very interesting to us how many Europeans and Indians are around here. We are the minority by far. Nathan said being at the park was like listening to the forgein channel on TV but without being able to turn the channel." :)

Tomorrow we will try out a church...

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Sara said...

My kids enjoyed the pictures of your kids at the Children's Museum. They want to go there :)