Monday, April 2, 2012

Chicago bound

Wow! Where to begin?!

I know I need to still post Jaeger's birth story, and I will, I just wanted to keep up with all that has been happening with us moving this time!!

So last Wednesday, Nathan texted me about 8am and said "I could go to Chicago for hot time." He had been telling me that guys were getting laid off and we usually want Nathan to be at the top of the lay-off list because we want to get out of where we are at and get back on the books to go to a different job, maybe one that's closer to home. So I was excited for him to go to work to get his pink slip and here is a text about Chicago and hot time (he needs 800 hours of hot time for his apprenticeship and he has 5, so it's something that's needed...and wanted by many men as it's tricky to get.)

So I text him back... "Um, ok...did you get your pink slip?!" Pretty much ignoring the Chicago thing. There wouldn't be ANY way he was serious about that! ::ahem::

Text from Nathan again "I could go to Chicago for hot time."

And then nothing til a call at 3pm to say he doesn't know anymore. At this point he doesn't have a pink slip and he doesn't have a go-ahead for Chicago. I wait.

He calls at 5:30..."Did ya hear?...We are going to Chicago!" Yeah, honey...hear from who?? "Uh, ok...When?" "I start on Monday."

And thus begins our crazy weekend.

We were scheduled to go home Wed night anyway bc Nathan had class in the cities on Thursday so instead of just packing our clothes to be washed, I started packing anything and everything that I could fit in the van. We drove home and got there about 11pm. Nathan went to class the next day and because my dad was willing to watch the kids, I was able to run to a couple appointments.

Jaeger got adjusted by Dr. Mike....

And got weighed, measured, and checked out by Joy...

Both appointments went great and he is one healthy boy! At 6 weeks he is 22 inches and weighs 8 pounds, 11 ounces :)

Since we wanted all the time we could to unpack everything from the condo (which ends up being a lot of stuff given the fact that each time we drove home we drove back up with a van full of stuff...and we stayed there 7 months), we decided to drive back up to there Thursday afternoon without the kids so we could take the seats out of the van, load the rest of the stuff, and then drive back. My parents were nice enough to watch our kids while we did this! (My poor dad was with the kids from 8:30am til we got home at midnight!!...although he was lucky enough to sneek away to a meeting for a couple hours while my mom was there ;)...Thanks Dad!!

This was everything that was under our one couch...and I just vacuumed under there a week prior...yes, my kids are crazy.

So Friday morning was filled with unpacking and laundry...I did more laundry than should be humanly allowed...seriously. And the rest of the time looking online for a place to stay for a couple months while we were going to be in Chicago.

Then it happened.

Nathan gets a call from his GF (no, not girlfriend...general foreman) who tells him that theres a good chance he wasn't going to go to Chicago because only a certain amount of guys were allowed and there were higher step apprentices ahead of him in line to go. And last we heard Friday afternoon was that his foreman was going to check a few things but if the Chicago thing wouldn't work out, then he was to show back up in Cass Lake on Monday to work....but it really wasn't clear either way.

So the rest of Friday went by...and Saturday...and since there was pretty much no chance of going to Chicago, we took a break from unpacking and I started organizing my house...cupboard by cupboard, starting in the master bath. And after several attempts by phone calls and texts to get ahold of the GF to see what was up, Nathan said there was "zero chance" we'd be going...I mean, we'd have to leave in the morning and there was NO way that was happening!!

Then it happened.

5:30pm Saturday evening Nathan gets a text from his GF "You are going to Chicago! Good Luck!"

Oh, boy!!

QUICK!!! UNPACK!!! THEN PACK!!! (...and everything else that goes along with being away for an extended amt of time that you really have no idea how long will be...Oh yeah, and pack as light as possible...uh huh...for a family of SEVEN!)

Our house looks like something exploded in it when we are in transition

So we did it. Packed, loaded up, and out the door by 8:30am to leave for Naperville, Illinois. We made awesome time and stopped only twice for quick potty breaks. I do have THE best travelers for children. Although...they have been doing this their whole lives and don't know any different. Anyway, I am thankful for that!! We arrived at our destination about 6pm. Felt good to be out of the car and into our 1 bedroom suite.

The town is gorgeous. The grass is green. The cherry blossoms are blooming. The crab apple trees are bright purplish-pink. The hotel has all the amenties that we want, not to mention a great basketball court out back where I make my boys do killers (don't worry, they love it :)

Killers :)

All the counter space I have...yeah, none :)

2 months in this hotel is what we planned for. I start unpacking early monday morning (today) and making our hotel room "home"....

Then it happened.

I get a call from Nathan about 8:30am..."Just to warn you we might need to move more north. I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know."


So I tried to keep occupied...not being able to unpack because another possible move and not being able to look for another place to live because I'm unaware of the location makes for an antsy momma!!

Our stuff waiting to be put away.

So after a few hours I get another call from him..."A little north and more towards the city." Great.

I spend the rest of today looking for hotels that have the amenities that we wanted (breakfast, pool, etc)...which I didn't find at all...without costing a fortune...yeah, $159/night when we need to stay a number of months just won't cut it. Did you know that when you stay real close to Chicago it's really expensive?! Whew! So anyway, I found a place pretty much at the end of the runway of Ohare airport...yeah, traffic will be wonderful I'm sure...that we will venture to tomorrow.

Oh myself. I hafta drive in the city (big city to be exact! You know I'm a country girl, right?!), right next to a big airport, with all 5 kids, while Nathan is at work, check in to the hotel, unload the van, haul it to the second floor, unpack, and make it a home before Nathan gets off work...should be a great time.

I'm just looking forward to bringing all the kids with me on the free shuttle to Target!...not. But in reality, that will be our fun for the next...oh, who knows how long!!

Stay tuned :)

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Oh my goodness... Only you crazy girl, LOL...will be a great book someday, LOL..