Monday, April 9, 2012

Rewind, Part 2, Sept

The tiny turtles that we all over the resort. They were trying to make their way to the water before fall. They were adorable!

My "cowboy princess" :)

Making applesauce. Pretty sweet mechanism if you ask me! Just boil the apples for a tad to get them slightly soft, then put them thru the hopper on top, turn the crank, and out comes applesauce!

The peels, core, and seeds come out the other side dry as a bone. Super slick!

And we made this much applesauce (13 quarts) in a couple hours (I froze it).

By far one of the coolest pictures...yeah, my little girl's not afraid of snakes!!

Homemade silly putty for school. Elmers glue and liquid starch. The boys LOVED it!

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