Monday, April 9, 2012

Rewind, Part 1

So I thought I'd travel back in time a tad and go over a few things during our time at "the cabin"...just so I don't forget them.

We ended up staying in the 600ish sq ft condo for a total of 7 months. His hours continued to ramp up like they normally do and 7 days a week started mid Jan and lasted the rest of the time we were there (thru March). The hours were anywhere from 10-13 hours a day.

A few weeks before Jaeger was born, we were driving back to the condo from getting milk. We passed a church that for some reason we never saw before but thought that we should look it up. I searched for it online and thought that it might be something that would suit us well. Since Nathan was working 7 days a week, I decided to bring the kids by myself the following Sunday. They loved it, I liked it, and we made friends the first Sunday, even inviting us to eat with them at Arby's after the service.

Besides the 'young families' group that we were apart of (we went thru the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan), one of the best physical things about this church was that they had a gym!...A full size gym with a closet full of balls, bowling, hockey equipment, scooters, tents, you name it...all for us to use whenever!! This was a life saver on a couple of occasions! All I had to do was make sure that it wasn't reserved by another group and we could go there and play all we wanted! Let me tell you, it SO helps to have a GYM to run around in when you 1)have 4 small children with a lot of energy cooped up in a small space and 2) when you can't play outside.

They also had a large playgound area outside that is all fenced in that we used once the last time we went to play. It was almost 70 out and it was March 19th!

Guess this is why they call it Sunset Cove Resort. So beautiful!

Another blessing during our time there was that another co-workers of Nathan's who moved into another condo at the same resort brought his family with him. They have 2 boys, ages 4 (Leif) and 3 (Lewis) and one girl who is 5 months (Josephine). It was SO nice to have another woman there with her kids that I could talk to. She would watch my kids when I needed to nap at the end of my pregnancy or when I needed to get some groceries after baby was born. The kids would play together nicely and Ariella just loved her baby girl (bc she wore pink!). It's because of Natalie that I found out what a "breve" was, as I am not a coffee drinker, and introduced me to Tillamook cheese (made in her native Washington state). Ryan and Natalie were a blessing to us and we miss being next door to them!

Jaeger and Josephine

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