Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I made deodorant today!!! Yes, you read that right...deodorant! And I used it today and so far I like it! There was a heat index of 106 today and I was out in it several times and I don't even stink! :) Quite awhile ago I read this post about natural deodorant and thought I would give it a try after reading all the comments people wrote about how well it worked and how wonderful it was. And get has only 3 ingredients in it!! And NO chemicals, NO harmful anything! Actually, you can eat this if you want! Here's how it works:

1/4 cup arrowroot powder (the heathly equivalent to cornstarch)
1/4 cup baking soda
6 Tablesoons coconut oil

That's it!

Mix the arrowroot and baking soda together and then add the coconut oil until it becomes a solid paste. You can add more arrowroot if you need it thicker or more oil if you need it thinner.

Then you can add it to a short wide-mouth jar and apply it with your fingers or put it into your old deodorant container and use it like that!

If you go with this option, as I did, you'll want to keep it in the fridge (esp in the summer) though since coconut oil has a melting temp of 76 degrees. But once it hits your skin, even right out of the fridge, it will slide on smooth.

Give it a try!

Ariella took the ponies out of her while she was taking a nap. This is how she looked when I got her out of bed :)

And then she took them out again while she was eating supper and started getting antsy to get out and wanted her bib off. This is what she looked like then...

Then I got her to smile.

(sorry the pics are so grainy...for the last month or so I have only been able to use my iphone to take pics as our camera has gone ka-put!...and we haven't bought a new one yet.)


During school today, I gave Caedmon copies of the math work I did with Tiernan yesterday. Since Tiernan knew the directions because we had done it yesterday, I told him he could be the teacher to Caedmon and explain to him what to do. It was so cute having Tiernan lead Caedmon like that! And they both did a great job!


Verna said...

I've been using the homemade deodorant for awhile now too and I LOVE it!! So easy and effective! Great post!


I use the recipe from passionate homemaking, too, but add clove and orange oil. Works great, but I scoop mine out of a jar in the summer.