Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Me, Beach w/ a great idea, & First day of Kindergarten!!!

Here are my "Not Me"s for the week!

Living in a camper does not take some adjusting and you don't find out some different ways of doing things, especially when it shakes and moves a lot. For example, I did not find myself starring at the clothes in my closet in the morning to see if they were moving. And if they were moving, that does not mean that my kids are up and out of bed.

In the same manner, I did not look at the towel hanging up in my kitchen to check to make sure that the washer was still running.

I also did not actually say the words "I'm cold" after getting out of the water at the beach when it was 100 degrees out!

And I also was not super excited when I bought a pair of pants yesterday in a size that I haven't bought in years and years and years and years... And those same pair of pants were not on sale at Goodwill, making them only $2. Nope!

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We went to the beach yesterday. No better way to spend a 100 degree day! It was about 45 minutes from us and well worth the little drive to get there! We arrived around 10:30am when we realized that the beach didn't open until noon. We hung out around a picnic table in the shade and were able to eat our picnic lunch before the beach even opened! That worked out great though so we didn't have to worry about taking time out of swimming to eat sandwiches that would have probably gotten all full of sand anyway!

The boys had a blast and Nathan and I swam too!! And I was SO glad I came up with this SUPER idea!!....I brought along this iddy biddy pool I found at Wal-mart for $1.88 that I had lying around. I originally bought two of them to fill up with sand for the boys but we had only used one so far. So I brought the other one, blew it up while we were waiting, and let Ariella play in it while we swam in the lake! It worked out SOOO awesome! We didn't have to worry about her falling over in the water and drowning or anything and no exclamations that sounded like "Where's Ariella?!" We knew exactly where she was and was content playing in her little pool! Right before we were ready to go she did want to venture out into the lake so I took her out for a little while but it worked out so well that I would recommend that to anyone looking to occupy a little one at the beach!

After sitting in the water for awhile, she soaked up most of it in her diaper. I guess this gives a picture to the saying "Junk in your trunk"! Before I took it off, she would try to walk and would literally waddle or fall over. She even tipped over backwards when the wind blew! hehe :)

Naomi with the kids walking into the grocery store. It was so cute!

Well, I'm offically a "homeschooling momma"! I started Tiernan this morning with his first lesson in Kindergarten! It went great and we got everything accomplished that I set out to do! I was busy last night making copies out of the books for him to work on (since I want to keep the books for the other kids) and last week I got the schedule with which pages I want to work on out of which books, etc.

Here is what my week at a glance looks like:

Our toy cupboard got converted into my school cupboard!

And here was our day:
We did bible lesson and verse memory right away after breakfast with all the boys. During this we talked about the lesson, repeated the memory verse and did a little project. This took about 20 mins.

Then we went to phonics, letters and reading where we learned (reviewed) the letter A and E. This included a worksheet and a page to color. (The little boys went to play outside :)

Next up was writing. Tiernan practiced writing lower case a's and upper case A's.

Then on to numbers, math and shapes. We reviewed numbers 1-10 and he completed 4 worksheets that had various counting and number excercises.

We then learned about God's world during Science. We learned that George Washington was the 1st president during History and learned and colored pictures about police officers and laws and rules during Social Studies.

This completed our day! All this done before 9am! What will tomorrow hold?!

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Verna said...

I'm glad your first day of Kindergarten went so well! Can't wait to hear more about it!