Monday, July 19, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

So here is the return of Not Me Monday! Actually, I usually just forget to post it so I realize it's been quite awhile since I've done one. But here's this week's.....

There is no way that I stopped by the gym 20 minutes before the daycare center closed for their lunch break and dropped the kids off just so I could run in and take a shower quick. Nope, that would be ridiculous! I mean, who in the world doesn't just shower at their home?! So I certainly didn't do that! Nope! Not Me!

And upon returning to our van after grocery shopping, I did not see that my 5 yr old forgot the close the door after getting out, realizing it was wide open the whole time that we were in the grocery store! Nope! Not Me!

When driving home from the said grocery store, I did not hear this banging sound on the side of my van, only to figure out that I hadn't forgot to put the gas cap back on and close the tank door! Then, before I could pull over at an exit, I did not get flagged down by the nice lady next to me who was frantically trying to point and yell at me that the gas cap was off. And then it did not take me 2 times going up and down the exit ramps to finally find a spot I could pull over without other traffic so I could close it. Nope! Not Me!

And there's no way that I locked my 2 little boys in the shower stall while they were taking their bath so I could get some relief from chaos while trying to get supper ready! I mean, I'm always calm and patient and never need to get my toddlers out of my hair while I'm trying to get something accomplished! (And that is not the exact same thing the boys did to me one time while I was taking a shower! Good thing Tiernan listens some of the time when I told him to unlock it so I could get out!)

What haven't you done this week?

Not Me Monday is a blog carnival created by McKMama.

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