Thursday, July 22, 2010

dog days of summer.

**First I just want to say that I am so excited about all the emails that I have been getting about budgets and questions! I LOVE it! Please keep them coming!**

Ah,'s been HOT here! Last time I heard on the news, last year at the this time there were 12 days that were into the 90s, this year? 43!!! Yikes! A little hotter than 'normal'. But remember, we are used to 'record weather' following us where ever we move! In Iowa, it was record flooding; in Nebraska it was record snow; and now here in VA it's both record snow AND record heat, great!

Where is the only place to go (besides sitting inside with the a/c on) when it's so hot out?! To the pool of course!

We went with some new friends of ours. One of Nathan's co-workers families came to visit from Georgia and we got together almost every other day the whole 2-1/2 weeks that they were here! It was so much fun having another mom to hang out with and our kids got along so well! They had 2 girls, 6 and almost 3 and then Wendy is 8 months pregnant with their little boy!

It was almost weird how much Wendy and I were alike...we had the same taste in clothes, food, parenting, etc. We will for surely be life-long friends! I just can't wait til she visits again with that little baby of hers!

Here are some pictures of our time at the pool with them.

Ariella was getting tired and when Wendy lifted her up, she told Ariella that there was a baby in her tummy. Ariella layed her head right down on her tummy and fell asleep! How precious!

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