Friday, June 13, 2008

Can we be normal, please??

We are enjoying being back at our own place and getting a little bit of 'normalcy' (if there is such a thing with us!!) Nathan called his supervisor today to see where he is supposed to show up for work on Monday and the supervisor said that they aren't working until at least Wednesday!! That's 2 more days that we can enjoy having Daddy home!! It is just still so wet around here that their work can't be started yet. We heard tonight that Mason City might have to shut their water off again too! It's crazy.... This job was supposed to start on June 2nd and now it is maybe going to be starting on the 18th, so they will have to work lots right away to get caught up.

We rented a movie last night and I just have to say that I miss Luverne's movie prices... :( It was a whoppin' $3.50 to rent a movie!! We are not used to that. Luverne was the good 'ol $.50, but what do ya do I guess??

I am starting to like Garner more than I did a couple weeks ago. It is starting to feel more like "home" (although it won't come close to Luverne!!) and our apt is suiting us just fine! We just giggle a little when we have to kick the fridge shut to close it and when our oven door falls off, but we know that we are making these sacrifices now so we can have a better future!! (and stay as a family in the process) Those things do really make us laugh though....oh, and 2 of our burners don't work (AND they are the front two!!) so that's not too fun....And I'm sure that it would be a sight to see when we are trying to walk/jump/skip over to the places in the floor that don't creek (super loudly!) when our kids are sleeping so we don't wake them up...but all in all this place is just peachy :)

For those of you who like to camp and maybe would like to visit us as well....we hear there is a great campground in Clear Lake (next town over) and it's right on the water so that would be something worth checking out!! Also, Clear Lake is a very touristy town in the summer with tons of cute shops and a nice big central park and stuff like that.

OH, and one more thing....WE'VE GOT MILK!!! :) We were able to get a hold of an ORGANIC dairy farmer in Garner (praise the Lord!!...and thank you Google) who has agreed to let us get milk from them!! We haven't been out there yet but plan to go tomorrow. I will make sure to let you know how it goes. We feel very blessed that there is a source for us to get milk and that it is close by! We need to find eggs yet, but I hope the farmer's wife would have an idea for that since the farmer had no clue. Also, there aren't any organic products of anything at our local grocery store so we have to get all that from Mason City when we go there.


Amy said...

Too bad there isn't a McDonalds could rent movies for $1

The Legatt Family said...

I didn't know McDonald's has movie rentals....But no, no McDonalds...just Hardees and Subway.