Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So where does the family sleep???

Since I have had friends that have been asking me to update the blog more often (you know who you are! :) I will post tonight and show you a few pictures of what life is like in Luverne when all of your belongings are in another state. :)

We have been back in the absolutely wonderful town of Luverne for a few days now and I'm enjoying every minute of it (minus the packing part!). We haven't done much except hang out with Jen and Harley (her 3 yr old), pack, watch dvds on the computer (the kids do), pack, change our address at the post office, pack, get the oil changed in the van, pack, try to find stuff to cook on (thanks Jen!), pack, move stuff to storage, pack, try to get as little as I can for groceries, and oh yeah, did I mention pack?!?!? Okay, so I have been pretty busy since getting here on Monday, but it's been nice to have some help with the kids (thanks Jen!) and also have a few days to do it in so I don't feel so rushed. There is still a few more things to do in town before we leave but I'm sure those things will be taken care of soon.

We have all been sleeping on the floor on blankets that we left here, except for Brayan...he is sleeping in his pack n' play, which we all have thought about trying to climb in there with him but then I thought that it might not hold us all! :) The floor is not too bad, although I wake up a few times a night when my hips go numb. :) Eating is a real challenge when I don't even have silverware (Jen borrowed us a few spoons this morning for breakfast....oh yeah, and she gave us the cereal too! pathetic we are...). You can see in the picture of our living area that it is basically a complete disaster area in here with all my piles of stuff that need to go to storage or back to Iowa with us, etc...not to mention the kids' toys that they like to spread all over the room as to make sure I trip on them at least 8 or 9 times a day!

Tiernan has had a fever since Monday evening so he is actually been a very good boy. Today was better and he was up more than the last two days but he is still slightly warm to the touch. Pretty much all day monday and all day Tuesday he just laid down on his blankets and slept or just laid there staring at the ceiling. Every once in a while he would tell me when he had to go potty or ask me for something to eat. The picture below is of him eating pistachios with a cold wash cloth on his forehead :)

A little bit about Nathan....He is working with a storm crew in York Nebraska. He is operating machinery all day knocking down bad poles. They start nice and early at 6am and they got off late at 9pm. He is working 15 hour days (but getting paid for 17, so that's a plus!) He said last night that they said that the job should be done on Friday night so he would be back Saturday. So we'll wait to see! And yes, this is the longest time that we have been away from each other since we've been married (4-1/2 yrs!!). The longest before this was from a Monday morning to Friday evening when he moved to Luverne before the rest of us. So that also means that this is the longest that I have been in charge of the kids by myself! Yikes! That is another reason why I had to come to Luverne....thanks Jen! :)

This weekend is Buffalo Days in Luverne. There is parade on Saturday morning that I think we will stay for so I'll try to update as often as I can and post some pictures from that.

Tiernan with his pistachios

Happy Happy Bray Bray

The storm area...I mean, my living room

Could we get this pack n' play in a king size please??

Caedmon's corner

This is how Tiernan and I have been sleeping....super comfy (not!!)... Notice how I don't even have a pillow?? Thankfully there was one more blanket in our place that I could put my head on!

This is my life-saver Jen! (and me) right before posting this blog...she comes to keep me company at night!

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