Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let the Summer begin!!

Nathan had his first full day of 'regular' work yesterday! He worked 13 hours, from 7am to 8pm, so he left around 6:30am and got home at about 8:30pm. He said that once the project gets underway that they will be working from sun-up to sun-down. That makes a long day, for him and I! But we knew that going into this and that is the reason why we are here...get us that much closer to building our house! Speaking of that, we are getting bids from sub-contractors to get an idea of the cost of building, so if you know of anyone who is skilled in a certain area and wants a chance at a bid, let me know and I will email them our blue prints! Here are a few pictures taken this week.....

This is where Biggie rides when he gets tired of walking (he REALLY likes it under there!) and this time, he fell asleep....

The playground that is a block away...there's more to it but I couldn't get it all in one picture :)

This is by where Nathan is working, just to give you an idea of how wet it still is. When everything is so saturated...there's no where for the water to receed to! They are just doing stuff that they can do without going into the ditches (hauling poles, etc)

The new waterpark in town that is 1 block from our place. They are open every day of the week and have music blaring, so we can hear it from where we are at. There's kids ALL the time riding bike around here in their swimsuits and we know exactly where they are headed :)

This thing is cool....its this bucket that fills with water and then tips over and obviously splashes alot. The little cones things behind it whip around with water in there to, getting whoever wet that is nearby.

We don't see too many kids on this slide, actually I've only seen one girl go down it for all the times that we've walked passed it already. The water coming out of it is super fast and it's almost straight down, so I think it's too much for the younger kids and pushes them too far underwater when they go down it....but it sure looks like fun to me!

This pic was taken the first couple days we were here, that is why it is so wet...but here is an overall pic of the park, although it looks much more impressive in'll just have to come and visit!!!

Lots of people in was 82 degrees and sunny!

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