Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Well, here they 4 favorite guys on this planet!! They all matched with their white shirts and army green shorts, it was SO cute! And to my surprise, I was able to snap a wonderful picture of all of them!! Aren't they HANDSOME?!?! :)

We spent Father's Day in the following way:
In the morning we made a trip out to the farm to get milk! This is the closest we have been to a farm to get milk so far! It is about 10 miles away. They have a great set-up, milking about 150 cows. They have mostly holsteins and jersey with some other breads that I can't remember :) One thing interesting that I learned was that since they have been certified organic (since 2005) they haven't had to have the vet out at all!! Their cows stay really healthy and if one happens to get sick, they give it garlic and other natural stuff!! Maybe more people should learn something from the cows...think about it....they EAT ORGANIC hay and food (not sprayed with pesticides and junk) and they DON'T take any antibotics, and THEY ARE NOT SICK!!! Hmmm...go figure! Only if HUMANS could learn more from the cows...!
After the farm, we got a surprise visit from Nathan's parents! (They called before they came but it was when they were already on their way!) They got to our house around 2 and left about 7:30. It was a nice afternoon, we played cards and had supper and then went for a walk and made a quick stop at the park before coming home.
Hope all you father's out there had a great, relaxing day!

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