Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Summer!!

What a beautiful summer day in Garner IA! It's sunny and 80 degrees as I write this at 6:40pm. The kids and I have been trying to get into a routine this week since it seems like it's been an eternity since we've had 'a normal day'. It's actually been going very well. I thought the days would just drag on forever with Nathan working so many hours, but to my surprise, they've been going by fairly quickly.
We've been getting out in the afternoon for a couple hours to walk around the town, so that breaks up the day nice. We usually do this in the afternoon so we can come home and start making supper right away, but today we did our walk in the morning because I had to hit a garage sale :) I actually went to two of them and the second one wasn't even planned! I found an awesome book (5o cents!) there that I know Nathan will really like so I'm pumped about that find! But then by the time we got home, it was time to make lunch, so it worked out nice!

Yesterday we started our walk at 3:45 to go to the dollar store, it took 40 minutes to walk there! You'd think in a little town like this, everything would be very close by, but since we live on the very south-western part of Garner and all the stores are on the north-eastern side, it takes a while!! So by the time we went to that store and then walked across the lawn to the other store (ALCO...reminds me of Warroad, since that's the only other ALCO store I've ever seen... :) and walked home, it was 2 hours later!! And since I'm by myself I don't have the luxury of Nathan pushing the stroller when I'm needless to say, I'm really hot and sweaty and exhausted from pushing the stroller with usually 3 kids in it!!...but at least I get in a good work out with each walk!! I'll be shedding the last of my baby pounds in no time!!...yippee!!

(Just a quick note...I was just interuppted by Tiernan who came to me and said "Caedmon splashed me!" so I look over and Tiernan is soaked, head to toe. It looked like he just got out of the bath tub with his clothes on. I said "He splashed you with what??" and he said "the toilet!" HE WHAT?!? Ugh....So when I made it to the bathroom I found Caedmon just as wet as Tiernan standing in front of the toilet in a lake on the floor giggling. I tell ya..... )

THANK YOU to those of you who have signed my guest book! There must be only 5 of you that check my blog ;) Ok, so I know there's more than that, so SIGN IT if you haven't, PLEASE?? So thanks again Mom (the kids hug you back), Carol (we look forward to seeing you and your family soon!), Diane (no I haven't found a source for eggs), Jen (we miss you too!) and Amy (yes we remember you and great to hear from you! just curious as to how you heard about our blog??) Anyone is free to email me at anytime as well!

Here are some pics of Brayan standing by himself...He will be taking his first steps soon I'm sure. And to think he's only 9 months old....although I guess in a couple days he'll be 10 months, but still, he's my baby.. :( Maybe it should be time for another?? :)
A little blurry, sorry....

Not sure if he was trying to do the splits or what??

The "are they twins?!?" duo :)

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