Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anniversary & The Zoo!


The 17th was our 5 year wedding anniversary! WOW! 5 years! Where does the time go? We just can't help but think where we will be in another 5 years! We have been so blessed with each other and I can't wait for that number to be 50 that we are celebrating! Nathan is such a good father and husband, I cannot ask for more! I thank the good Lord all the time for bringing us together. I remember Nathan telling me before we were married that "it's going to be an exciting ride so come with me and hang on, or get out now!" Well, I obviously didn't 'get out' but I can tell you that I'm still 'hanging on!" It's definitely been exciting thus far!! Here are some pics to reminisce..... :) (sorry they are blurry, etc...I had to take pics of the pics since I don't have them on my computer...)

At our reception

Jan 17, 2004

Kissin' :)

On the dance floor

An engagement picture

After the proposal

The proposal! He surprised me with a walk in the dark out onto the pond in the back yard. When I opened my eyes, this is what I saw! He cut all the letters out with a chainsaw and lit them with Christmas lights! The letters were about 3 feet high and 2 feet wide! Aw, isn't he sweet??

The engagement pic that went in the paper. (engaged 12/22/02)


Well, as most of you know, it's been a COLD (and I mean COLD!) week! Nathan started off the week working just a half a day on Monday and then the wind picked up and they stopped working. The rest of the week was extremely cold and therefore, Nathan got every day off! We thought for sure that he would work on Saturday since the temperatures were supposed to climb into the 30s, which they did, but it snowed and we had up to 50mph winds! Soooo, they were sent home again!!


Since we were all home and there's not too much to do inside, we thought about where we could go. How about the ZOO?!?! I thought that maybe that it would be closed b/c of the cold, but when I called, they said they were open and most of the animals were still 'on display'. Well, I neglected to ask them if it was a mostly INSIDE zoo where you just walk down a nice aisle and see animals through a glass window, or if the animals were mostly OUTSIDE. Well, we got to the zoo, paid and went in.

There was a nice large area inside with a whole bunch of animals, but they were stuffed....yeah, the dead ones. It was still fun to look at but we wanted to see the REAL animals. So we walked around and thought 'which door leads us into the nice warm area to look at the animals?' HA! We learned REAL quick why we were the ONLY ones at the zoo that day! ALL the animals were OUTSIDE!!

We bundled the kids up and looked at our map and thought we'll just walk really fast to the next little shed with some animals in it. Well, seeing how there wasn't anyone else at the zoo, they were taking their time with plowing the sidewalks..... We plowed through the snow with the stroller as fast as we could while looking for any animal that was outside of his little lean-two thing...there weren't any. Oh, by the way, it was -33 that day. Yes, 33 degrees BELOW zero! and we were OUTSIDE at the zoo! Are we NUTS?!?!?

So after a (brisk!) walk to the next available shelter, we were plesantly surprised that we made our way to the monkeys! We stayed in there for a while watching the monkeys (it was mostly just to warm up and to be able to feel our faces again!) My favorite was watching this Momma monkey carry around her BRAND new monkey on her tummy! The baby monkey was so new that it didn't even have any hair on it! It was the cutest ugliest thing ever! :)

After we left the monkey shed, we looped around and tried to go into a couple more places that ended up being locked. By that time our cheeks were numb again so we walked quickly passed the lady in the skid steer plowing the sidewalks and back inside. Whew! Lesson learned: DON'T go to the zoo when it's cold out...especially -33!

Momma monkey with her baby wrapped around her belly!


Who are YOU lookin' at?


"Stuffed" animals

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