Friday, January 23, 2009

Poor Jaguar...

We had a beautiful day here yesterday! It was sunny, NO wind, and close to 40 degrees!! I took the kids for a walk for about an hour and Tiernan didn't want to go home! The only bummer was that the sidewalks were all snowy and slushy still, which makes pushing a doubler stroller in, really hard! Better workout for me though!

After the nice weather, it was hard to accept today....freezing! Nathan was home today because of the wind and we are positive he won't be working again tomorrow because we are in a wind chill warning which is supposed to be -25 tomorrow. We were hoping for a full week for him since he didn't work all last week, but maybe next week!

We are STILL getting Christmas cards and letters in the mail!! How fun is that!? Yesterday we got one and today we got TWO! :) And yes, I am still hanging them on our kitchen cupboards! (Nevermind the stuff above the cupboards and the stuff on the countertops....when you have limited space, you just hafta make do!)

Our kitchen filled with love from family and friends!

Brayan's new favorite place! Yes, that is our 16, no wait, he's 17 months today! So as I was saying....yes, this is our 17 month old up on our kitchen counters where he climbs to all by himself! Ugh, we need a jungle gym!

And what does he like playing with up on the counter? Yep, our cell phones!

Notice anything WRONG with this picture?!? (Besides the fact that our toaster needs a good scrub!) Can you see what's in it? Let me help's a little plastic jaguar...well, it used to be a little plastic jaguar, before I 'toasted' it along with our breakfast :)

I wonder who put it in there? Lemme guess...I'm sure their name starts with either a T, C, or B! Or maybe all three!

***FYI: Another item added at True Delights! :)

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Sara said...

Hey, at least you didn't have a fire! I have clear memories of my mom grabbing a flaming toaster by the cord, running out the patio door and flinging it off the deck. And I know you don't have a deck. It was a big button that got into our toaster... must've been wooden. I think I already told you about my friend Melisa's potato chip toaster fire. Never store anything on top of your toaster! Especially not something your kids would want! Thank God it was only the jaguar that got hurt! :)