Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the Mend

Our Sunday was going as usual....got up, went to church, ate at Qdoba, grabbed some diapers at Walmart, came home, put the kids down for a nap, etc until I was loading the dishwasher and Tiernan came to me with his lip turned down and in a sad voice said "You know what just happened?....I just went like this" at this time he opened his mouth wide and kind of flicked his head forward. I thought for a second and then said "Where?!?" So he lead me into our bedroom where I opened the door to find an extremely large area of carpet covered with vomit. Ugh...and that was the beginning of our difficult evening and even more difficult night.

Tiernan continued to be sick the rest of the evening but (Praise God!) stopped at around 8pm and asked to go to bed. We didn't hear anything from him until morning!

After getting him and the floor all cleaned up, etc I noticed I wasn't feeling the greatest, but b/c I was around so many smells I thought it maybe was just to do with that. So after we put the kids to bed, we went to bed also. I couldn't fall asleep because my stomach would not stop turning. At about 11:30 we heard Caedmon crying. Nathan went into his room and says "Yep, now it's his turn!" All I could think was 'I do NOT need this right now!' But I guess it didn't really matter what I thought! After getting Caedmon changed and all his blankets and bedding switched, we tucked him back in HOPING that was the end of it. Nope! He was up 3 more times, giving us blankets and bedding to change, along with new pjs each time!

To make matters worse, I was up about every 15 minutes in the bathroom throwing up as well. I thank God that Nathan was there and wasn't in as bad of shape as I was so he could help with Caedmon b/c there was NO way that I could have done that by myself in that condition! I finally was able to fall asleep around 5am (without sleeping a wink before that!) only to wake up again about 6am when Nathan left for work. Boy, was I tired yesterday!!

The real kicker was that Brayan chose that night to cry straight for about 2 hours with nothing apparently wrong since he would lay back down and stop crying as soon as we walked into his room. We think it was because the lights kept coming on and going off and he could see it underneath his door and he was frustrated as to why he wasn't a part of whatever was going on!

Nathan did not get as sick as I did but he didn't feel very good Monday and had a queeziness to him for most of the day and night.

Why did we all (except Brayan!) get sick at the same time?? Well, we think it was from Qdobda where we had lunch. It's the only thing we can think of. We haven't been to church for a couple weeks because of the weather and I don't go anywhere with the kids so they haven't been exposed to anything besides our apt. We all ordered the exact same thing at Qdoba and the ONLY person who didn't get sick was Brayan and Brayan was the ONLY one who didn't eat anything from there! Coincidence? I think not....

So Monday the kids were back to their normal selves, thank the Lord!, but I still didn't feel well at all! We watched a lot of movies yesterday and I didn't do one thing around here. I saw Nathan's eyes scan this place as he walked in from work. (obviously in a little disgust :) And his first words to me were "you look about as bad as I do" haha :) So I was very thankful this morning when I woke up feeling 90% better than I did yesterday. I was able to clean, do all our laundry and actually make supper! My sister was up with puking kids the same night we were too, which I thought was kind of ironic....we could have taken turns taking naps!....too bad she lives hundreds and hundreds of miles away.....

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