Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not-So Wordless Wednesday

Now, if you were from Luverne, you'd know where this was and there'd be no explaination...hence the "wordless wednesday" but since all but 1 of you that check this AREN'T from Luverne, let me explain! :)

There's the guy that has an autobody shop on Main Street. His name is Clyde. He just ran for mayor in Nov but was beat by the incumbant (which is too bad cuz he would have been good for this town!) Anyway, he always has clever sayings on his board or some sort of "thing" out by the curb with a sign on it. We wish now that we would have taken pictures of all the funny things that he's had out there, but I guess a describtion of them will just have to do!

This picture is what he had on there yesterday, inauguration day :) Last week (remember it was like -20 to -30 all week?) it said "Warning! Global warming in effect Jan 12th -Jan 17th!"

A few "things" he's had out there were a bale of hay and the sign on the bale read "This is my government bale out." Another time he had a hot water heater sitting by the curb and the sign on it read "Clyde's in hot water with the city again". And the funniest one that I can remember was an old antique manure spreader was sitting by the road and the sign read "Automatic Political Promise Dispencer" (get it? it spreads a lot of crap...anyway... :) I guess I should have taken some pictures :)

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