Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coming Soon...NE!

I don't feel like typing much tonight...busy day and I'm tired!!! (plus Ariella is eating right now so I'm only typing with one hand!) But I wanted to post something for y'all tonight! I'll type out my update tomorrow about our crazy, quick, adventurous successful trip to Nebraska yesterday!!
Sorry, can't get the pic to turn!! But can you tell her double chin is getting bigger? :)

The playground a couple blocks from our "new" place in NE

I told Tiernan that he could have a snack when the big hand got on the 12. He stood on the arm of the couch and watched the clock exactly like this for 20 minutes....I'm not even joking!

The boys got into Brayan's room which has a lot of stuff in it right now with getting ready to move and all. It was organized.....Amazing what the boys can do in less than 2 minutes!!

What a mess!


Ariella hangin' out with Mom, eyein' up that banana :)

Again, sorry it's turned...... So sleepy

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