Thursday, April 2, 2009


The weather has actually been cooperating very nice with the baby being born. Let me explain....when Nathan was at my parents house with us last week, he took Monday-Thursday off. Well, it turns out that his crew didn't even work Monday-Wednesday because of the rain, etc. So he only ended up missing one day last week! Then, this week he was home Monday, Tuesday and yesterday because of the wind!! Also, last Saturday he got home early just because the rest of his crew didn't feel like working a full day on Saturday! So this is really the first day, besides last Friday, where I have been by myself for the whole day with all the kids! Every other day Nathan's either been home early or all day!! And he's definitely helped out with the kids and meals. I have been so blessed by him lately and for that I am so grateful!!

We went to church last night for our "Fireproof Your Marriage" study. It is very good and again, I encourage anyone who has not seen the movie Fireproof to rent it and watch it with your spouse!! It is a fabulous movie with great values. I also dare you to buy the book The Love Dare (as seen in Fireproof) and read it and apply what you've learned from the book! Anyway, study went great and the kids love playing while Mom and Dad love their 'alone' time for an hour and a half!....well, this time we weren't exactly without kids since Ariella came with us, but she was held the whole time by my pastor's wife, so it was almost like she wasn't there....not that I didn't want her there....oh, you know what I mean!! :)

We said our official goodbyes to Al yesterday morning. He's moved out of his apartment and is now basking in the Florida sun before heading to the Bahamas before returning to France. (Rough, huh?!) The kids clobbered him with hugs and kisses and I know they will miss him.

After getting home from church last night

"Goodbye Al....we'll miss you!"

Pretty girl

First bath with Mommy! She loved the warm water!

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