Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peace & Quiet?

Well, this was going to be a Wordless Wednesday, but there's too much stuff going on with us to remain 'wordless!' :)

Right when I start thinking we can't possibly have any stuff that we can get rid of because we just went through our stuff 5 months ago, I find 'stuff'! We have the back of our van full of 'stuff' to go to the goodwill! I'll hopefully be able to drop that off tonight on the way to church so I can load up more! It's such a good feeling to not have any more junk than we need!

I encourage all of you to do some Spring cleaning and go through old boxes (and even new ones for that matter!), closets, drawers, etc and get rid of anything that you can live without. You will feel incredible when you're done!!

Yesterday, the boys went to Jen's house for the morning hours to give me some much needed peace and quiet! ...but the time went all too fast!! I dropped them off a little after 9am and then headed to the store quick and to visit the 93 yr old lady who still works everyday at her store that she owns on main street. She hasn't seen Ariella yet, so I thought I would take her there for Margaret to see! Once I got back to our apt, it was already a little after 10!

I struggled with what I should do with a quiet apartment and only about 2 hours to go....should I sleep? Should I try to get stuff done? Should I just sit in my glider rocker and snuggle with Ariella in the silence? ....decisions!... But I decided to use the time to call people in Nebraska to see if there is anything available to rent. Bad idea!!!

I was supposed to relax during the time I didn't have the boys, but I got myself more stressed instead! I made 42 calls during that time frame, yes...42!, with pretty much every single one saying the same thing...."it's already rented" or "we don't have any available" or "good luck with that since everything that I know of, even the motels, are all full" etc etc etc.....

I called someone from all the surrounding towns, probably within a 45 mile radius of Columbus and they too are all full. There was a house that was for rent about 45 mins from Columbus that I got from a realtor that was just posted. I called about it and they said that because they've had so many applicants that they are showing it for the last time yesterday afternoon and then making their decision after that. I also spoke with a guy who owns over 100 rentals in the Columbus area and he's full (of course) but he said that he gets at least 10 calls a day from people looking for a place to rent. Seriously, it's THAT crazy!!!!

BUT....I was able to find a guy with a house that has it still available yet but he is super picky about who he rents to so even though he's had a gazillon people apply, he hasn't rented it out yet. He told me that we can look at it on Friday while we are in town. I'm ready to sign for it even without seeing it. I don't even care anymore, I just want a place to live!!!! But this house does sound nice, it actually sounds pretty perfect so we are praying that he really likes us (we will leave our kids in the car!! ...hehe) and that he'll offer to rent to us!!! He would even take care of the lawn work, which is something that was in our "wish list" since we don't own a lawn mower anymore etc. Plus, he pays for the garbage, water and sewer, which is way more than any other landlord was willing to do. PLUS, the price is decent. Oh, and it's a 4 bedroom ranch house so sounds like it would be enough room for us!!! Sooooo, we will just wait and see....but prayers are so appreciated!!

There's also one other house that we will look at. It's a 5 bedroom, 2 bath split level home but it's quite a bit more expensive than the ranch, but at this point, we don't have too many options. So we are praying that one of these (preferably the ranch) will work out.

We could also rent this big, fully furnished house for $2400 a month....ah, I think NOT! But it was nice of the guy to offer.....they usually rent it out for $700 per week. Yikes!

So anyway, all those calls with maybe 2 we still plan on traveling down there for the day on Friday and check them out. In the meantime, I'll continue to get rid of 'stuff!' :)

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