Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going, Going.....

....almost Gone!! We are moving!! Nathan talked with his GF (general foreman) and was told he was starting in Nebraska on Monday! So that is great news!!....the not-so-great news is that I am, once again, left to do all the packing....with all the kids. I'm going to have a BUSY week ahead of me!!

So here's the plan....Nathan will go down early, early Monday morning and start work. He will be able to get into our duplex on Tuesday to stay for the rest of the week until we get there on the 1st. He will just pack the basics and sleep on the floor (poor guy) but it's what he did when we moved to Luverne the first time, so I guess it just comes with the territory :)

This next week will be spent by me doing all the packing and trying to keep our MLK (many little kids) occupied so I can pack....without all of them unpacking all the boxes. This might be my biggest challenge by far! Then my parents will come down on Thursday to help me pack up the u-haul and we'll head down to Columbus on Friday. Whew!

Right now we are at my parents house. We got here yesterday and have been running errands, etc that needed to get done before the move...oh, and visiting of course because once we are moved, I have no desire to drive 7ish hours in the van with 4 kids, 4 & thanks. So it might be awhile until we come back to visit.

OH!...and just because I'm sure you are dying to know, I went to a garage sale in Luverne the other day and guess what I found?!? The first 3 DVDs in the Love Comes Softly series! I was so excited! I love that series and JUST told Nathan (like 2 days before I went to the sale) that it would be so cool to find those cheap somewhere like a garage sale....and voila!...they were there!! $5 a piece! That was my deal for the week! Today I went to a few around St Cloud and found some cute stuff....including a brand new pair of jeans for myself that I really like!!

And speaking of those jeans....I will tell you about the funniest thing that happened to me today...or to me ever really now that I think about it...Ok, so after I bought those jeans, I sent Nathan a text about how I found them and that they made my butt look good so he'd like 'em (cause that's important, right?? :) Ok, so I sent it only to get a text back from my midwife saying that she got a text from me that she thinks was meant for someone else!!! HA!! Are you kidding me?!? I did NOT just do that! I laughed and laughed and texted her back saying that yes, it was intended for Nathan. She confirmed that I do have a cute butt though :) HEHE.... I told her at least I gave her a good laugh today!! :)

Well, I need to get girl wants to eat and the potato dumplings need to be made! Sorry no pics this time, I need to take some of my kids & Grandpa and Grandma so I'm sure there will be some soon.

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