Friday, April 3, 2009

Here We Go Again!

So it's becoming more and more likely that we are moving to Nebraska in a few weeks. Whenever we are about to move, I like to call a few places to see what they have available to rent, etc. If you remember our move to Iowa, it was not fun trying to find a place in or around Clear Lake IA. That town just happened to be a tourist town where every place for rent (apartment or house) was booked within the whole city and surrounding area. I made about a hundred calls (or more!), spoke with realtors, called owners of vacant houses, everything...and nothing was available. Well, ya all know how that ended up....we found a place in a town 11 miles from Clear Lake and rented an old, small, creeky, 2 bedroom apt. (That suited us fine, but we have to laugh about it here to read about the stuff I don't miss about that place!)

Anyway, so today I began the search for a few places in or around Columbus Nebraska....and I started having flashbacks!! Ugh! Every apartment complex in town is full, especially the 3 bedrooms, which we need because we have too many people by most laws to rent a 2 bedroom. (And today was the first day that I answered the "how many people in your family" question, and I was like "6"...then I thought about it and I'm like "Holy Cow!! We have six people in our family!! Whew!) Anyway, so every apt is full and the people I've called about some houses say that by next weekend (when we might plan on visiting Columbus) they will be taken. Apparently places are going like hot cakes and no one even advertises rentals anymore because just by word of mouth they are gone lickity-split!

Why can't we move to a town where they want people to rent and where you could actually work a deal with someone because they need your money instead of begging someone to keep their house available for a few stinkin' days so we could actually look at it!

I asked the realtor that I spoke with about why there are so many renters and she said that within the last few months, they've brought 500 new jobs to the area and 1000 new jobs within the past 12 months so everyone's renting right now. She said they can't even build apartment buildings fast enough! So anyway, we need prayer that if NE is where we are supposed to go, that we would find a place to live!! (...and if I got my way, it'd be a house with all the appliances, with a fenced in yard, at least 3 bedrooms, and CHEAP!) ....but that cheap part probably won't happen...not when they have renters chompin' at their feet!

Who wants to pool some money together to build a rental place in Columbus?? :)

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