Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boot Camp, Here We Come!!

Last night was the first night of sweat for awhile!! Nathan and I started a 90 day work out program together called Power 90. This is the "beginners" program before graduating to the intense P90X "boot camp"! We were really looking forward to starting P90X (we even found a great deal on it on ebay!) but after reading about the fitness test it has you do before you begin P90X, we figured we (I, especially) would benefit more if we started out one step lower first, since it's been like...well, um...a long time since I actually worked out. I'm sure Nathan could have gone right into P90X, but since he's just a sweet husband and wants to work out with me, he is doing Power 90 too!

I know a handful of people doing or have done P90X and have had great results! My former swimming coach from high school has lost over 100 lbs since he coached me!! He started running and being active and then moved onto P90X. He said it's the best work out program he's ever done with the greatest results. My sister and brother-in-law are currently doing P90X and I know my sister has lost several pounds and recently sent me a picture of them on the beach of Mexico....and let me tell you....they good great! I'm just looking forward to losing the rest of my baby weight and just toning up some.

Once I read that I should probably start doing the Power 90 routine before P90X, I looked online to see what I needed as far as DVDs, etc for Power 90. Well, I remember Nathan working out when we lived in Luverne, to some Tony Horton DVDs that I had found at Goodwill. Well, as it turns out, we have the whole Power 90 workout DVDs already so instead of buying them online for about $35-$60 (depending on where you get them), I bought them at Goodwill for $1.99...yes, one dollar and 99 cents!...without even knowing that we would want to be using those exact ones!! Wow! What a deal!!

Other than that, nothing too much going on. Nathan hasn't had a day off since we moved here...going on 13 days...and will probably work this coming Sunday again to repair some existing lines do to some outages so it might be a few weeks of working 10 hour days before a day off! Good thing he gets a few days off over Memorial Day. (Which is also when Nathan's parents are driving down here to visit us!)

I've posted SIX mouth-watering recipes to True Delights (after realizing it's been forever since I've posted to that site!) so make sure you check them out!! I recently received a cook book made from recipes from the people at Cornerstone church (where we went when we lived in St Cloud) and it's become my favorite recipe book!! I've made several recipes from it and have posted a couple I thought were great! Other recipes come from ones I found online that I tweeked a little or from friends. Let me know if you try them!!

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