Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today, I called 911

As I was standing at my counter in the kitchen, mixing stevia and lemon extract into my homemade yogurt (yum!!), I heard this loud crash. I looked out my living room window and saw a car plowing into another car while the first one she hit was still moving from the impact. Then I watched as she jumped the curb and went into our lawn, smashing our mailbox (the whole thing, including the pole, is gone). She continued driving on our grass, back onto the street, and then back up onto the neighbors lawn and once again back onto the street before she ran a stop sign and finally came to a stop in the gravel yard of the cement plant down the block.

I automatically assumed the person driving was having a medical emergency (heart attack or seizure or something) and lost control of the vehicle. So I quickly found my phone and dialed 911. I told them there was an accident on the street I live on and didn't know if anyone was hurt. There were other neighbors outside and one quickly ran to the vehicles she hit to see if anyone was in them...there wasn't, they were parked on the street. So then she quickly ran to the out of control car and, to my surprise, an old lady got out and was talking with her...apparently not a medical emergency.

So the excitment continued when 3 cop cars arrived, followed later by a fire and rescue truck and then lastly an ambulance. They finally carried her off on a stretcher, which I'm assuming was for precautionary measures. I would be very curious as to what happened to her to make her drive so recklessly and then stand outside her vehicle and talk to people like it was no big deal...hmm...

If I ever hear, I'll let ya know! In the meantime, I've called our landlord to tell him we need a new mailbox. (good thing I had already gotten the mail!!)

The cars she hit first

Where her car finally stopped, with her standing outside of it talking with the police.

See that black thing laying on the sidewalk just down from the blue van? Yeah...that's our mailbox, a good 50 ft or so from where it should be.

Her finally being taken away on the stretcher

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