Thursday, May 28, 2009


Since we have started our workout routines (which was this past Monday because after we started the first time, we decided to wait until we got the "boot camp" P90X in the mail so Nathan could do that), we've been following their nutrition plan as well. It is basically a lot of protein and veggies with low carbs for the first 30 days and then after that you start adding in more carbs as you go. This is proof that we are following the plan. Here are pictures of what my fridge looked like as of tonight. I wanted something to eat that wasn't necessarily a chunk of meat, a carrot, or an egg....I guess that's not an option. And, I think we need a larger refrigerator....

yep...ya got 2 bags of romaine, 2 heads of cauliflower, brocolli, hard boiled eggs, celery, and more eggs...and a bunch more veggies you can't see.

Then ya have cheese, yogurt starter (I make my own yogurt), meat, meat and more meat (natural, of course, with no nitrates or preservatives), cottage cheese, chicken, veggies in the tupperware, 2 pkgs hamburger, oh...and more chicken in that blue ziploc :)

....and if you open the drawers you get carrots, string cheese, more carrots, tomatoes, more cheese, and a bag of dried cherries :)

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